The MWHF Review

I love writing reviews, and I love webcomics. Here are some reviews of webcomics: old favorites (of mine), new discoveries (of mine), etc. Hope you like them, and hope you check out the comics!

If you're interested in getting reviewed, drop me a line. I promise to review anyone who asks, or anyone who wants a friend to get a review. What I don't promise is to do this in anything like a timely manner--I have a big list of comics I already want to review, and I'm going to do those first. But I will add your name to the list, and I will get to you, and I will let you know when it's posted--and that's a MWHF Review guarantee.


Out There (R.C. Monroe) -- January 16, 2007
Voids (Shayna Marchese) -- January 8, 2007
Emma (Miruku) -- December 22, 2006
Intershadows (Kathleen Jacques) -- November 21, 2006