The comic is drawn on 11x14 Bristol Board. A variety of pens and materials have been used over the years, but currently I use a 0.05 Micron for pretty much everything except text and solid blacks. Text is done with a 0.3 and 0.8 Micron, and solid blacks are done with a W&N brush and whatever black ink is cheapest that week.

The Cast

Man Who Hates Fun: A mean-spirited Stoic.
Elvira Ellison: A troubled young woman.
Noam Ellison: Elvira's anarchist brother.
Nikos Protagoras: The Man Who Hates Fun's Epicurean rival.
Miss Dolores: An acerbic kindergarten teacher.
Special Agent Torquemada: A menacing figure.
Kristoff: Former Stoic-in-training.
Diana: The owner of a local occult bookstore. Holds metaphysical parties.
Trash: Bassist for local indie legends, The Blips.
Thaddeus: Lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for The Blips.
Mary: Somehow associated with Thaddeus and The Blips.