Elvira - Introduces the MWHF, Elvira Ellison, Ethan (MIA), and Noam Ellison. Hijinx in the library, a disastrous impersonation and date, the first of many duels.

American Monarchist Party - Introduces Morton (MIA). The MWHF gets political; the art starts to get tolerable.

Noam - Introduces Special Agent Torquemada. Noam, incensed about American electoral politics, starts a ruckus. Has a good ending.

Nikos Protagoras - Introduces, funnily enough, Nikos Protagoras. Elvira throws a house party, applies for a job with Protagoras, makes overtures of trust and hope.

Winter - Two strips long; everyone leaves for the Winter. In my comic book "Glambourine" there's an eight-page story involving Elvira that follows immediately after Winter; get it if you're interested on the Weevisham's Fictions page.

Miss Dolores - Introduces Miss Dolores (presumed MIA). The MWHF goes to a bar, meets a girl, gets a job. Contains one of my favorite strips.

The Wild - Noam, upset by the MWHF's financial success, gets back into anarchy.

Breadwinning - Introduces Renard. The MWHF finds a young ward; Elvira finds a job and a troubled relationship. Ethan shows up at one point. Two duels in this one!

The Children's Crusade - The intricate machinery of the plot creaks, ratchets, and forces all parties into sustained conflict. The resolution will shock you, unless you read about five lines further down on this page.

Financial Matters - The MWHF is called upon to pay rent; a job search ensues. In color! (NOTE: You can't read all of the text on these in the archive currently. Instead, use the remote links on the index page.)

Noam Awakes From The Coma - Told you. Noam gets involved in anti-corporate crime, the MWHF loses his job with Nikos Protagoras, Elvira is mad about several things.

Occult Bookstore - Introduces Diana. Elvira, troubled by Noam's recent adventures, goes to an occult bookstore, the prelude to a sustained involvement in witchcraft, navel-gazing, and public humiliation.

MWHF Superstar - In progress.