Your Cryogenic Tomorrow Anthology

Surely the most dangerous fiction collection you'll read this year, the YCT Anthologies collect seven full issues of Your Cryogenic Tomorrow, plus numerous bonus stories not available anywhere else, unless you ask nicely. Featuring classic YCT art, impeccably artsy covers (one by Austin glassblower and man-about-town Mac Fields), and sometimes even whimsical comic strips, the YCT Anthologies are your front-line news report about everything from the fundaments of our present distress to why independent rock music is usually inauthentic and lame. An indispensible part of any library--perhaps even yours!

Price: $10 ($16 for both) plus $0.50 per book for shipping.

Both anthologies:

Anthology #1 - Grand Pantexticon

Introductions by M. Jones and S. Future
"Selective Service" (M. Jones) -- YCT #1
"He Came To Work" (M. Jones) -- YCT #2
"Ars Erotica" (S. Future) -- YCT #3 & #4
"Dab of Honey" (M. Jones) -- YCT #5
"Wireless" (S. Future) -- YCT #6
"Cheerio, Citizen 17" (M. Jones) -- YCT #7
"On Becoming A Machine" (S. Future) -- YCT #7
"A New, Better Daddy" (M. Jones) -- new story!
"Sweet Claret" (S. Future) -- new story!
"Monday" (M. Jones) -- new story!

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Anthology #2 - Better Than Murder

"M. Jones and S. Future Debate the Comics"
"Gotta Go Get Cut" (M. Jones) -- YCT #8
"Vim" (M. Jones) -- YCT #9
"Wellswaddle Academy" (S. Future) -- YCT #10
"Suicide Anniversary" (S. Future) -- YCT #11
"Quiet, Sexy Nights Alone" (M. Jones) -- YCT #11
"Wonderworld" (M. Jones) -- YCT #12
"Neverland" (S. Future) -- YCT #13
"Kid Busts Loose" (M. Jones) -- YCT #14
"Jawhole Downs" (M. Jones) -- new story!
"Chairs" (S. Future) -- new story!
"Zipper Sting" (M. Jones) -- new story!

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