Man Who Hates Fun Collections

What's the next best thing to having a free archive with dozens of comic strips about largely unlikeable people? Being able to pay for those same comic strips in printed form! This is what the MWHF Collections are all about.

Price: $3 for Fall 2004, $5 for Glambourine. $0.50 added for shipping on each item.

The Man Who Hates Fun -- Fall 2004

Contains the first forty-four MWHF strips in high resolution. Only a few still in stock.

Glambourine #1 - March 2006

Contains the first eighty-four MWHF strips in high resolution, in addition to the following fine comic features:

"Tales From The Pop-Art Lounge" (2pp)
"Elvira at Home" (8pp)
"German Humor" (1pp)
"The Life And Death of Ian Curtis" (1pp)
"Anais Nin and Antonin Artaud" (4pp)
"After Hours" (1pp)

Plus incidental features throughout. Still in stock!

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