The Fiction Circus

Reading and writing stories is probably the sexiest thing a person can do.

Since that is true, the Fiction Circus is a grand (imagination) porno
extravaganza, with a million writhing naked ideas, a killer
soundtrack, and climax, after climax, after climax.

But literally!  For years now, Austin creators Miracle Jones, Dr.
Stephen Future, and Team Omega Awesome have been putting together
live, terrifying fiction readings featuring rollicking piano
accompaniment, theatrical performance, contests, puzzles, and the
occasional unethical crowd experiment.

Still growing, still trying to seed the world with an idea whose time
has almost come, The Fiction Circus aims to hurt your head in a way
that will leave you licking the wound forever, jolting yourself with
the stabbing metal taste of lies, liberty, and the dizzy, dizzy world
you cannot see.

Deeper!  Harder!  Faster!  The Fiction Circus is all of these, and
they will not stop until you come.

-- Miracle Jones

Upcoming Shows

November 30, 2006:

The Carousel Lounge (with Dollar Dan & The Change + friends)
1110 E 52nd Street
Austin, TX 78723


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