copyright #1 coverAlford Ard, wino, landlord, and religious pornography enthusiast, flings himself from the rooftop of an apartment building in the city of McKinley Falls, to the bafflement and sorrow of his tenants. Enter young Howard Ard, man-about-town, snappy dresser, and heir to the legacy of Uncle Alford Ard--and may God have mercy on his miserable soul.

We here at Weevisham's are reasonably proud to introduce a new comic series destined to cause the death of not a few trees in its time, as well as the death of many cherished illusions, probably. The writing is by Miracle Jones, pensman for the Fiction Circus and Your Cryogenic Tomorrow and winner of the "Hall of Fame" award from The History Channel Presents: History's Greatest Monsters in 2002. The art is by Stephen Future, also of the Fiction Circus, Your Cryogenic Tomorrow, and some ephemeral online comic that pretty much no one reads anyhow.

For geopolitical thrills, snappy dialogue, inconsistent but generally pleasing art, and mountains and mountains of soul, one could do worse than to check out Copyright--what the well-dressed comics reader is buying this year.

Review by Randy Lander of

Price: $3, plus $0.50 per issue for shipping.

Copyright #1 - March 2005

"Copyright" - 20pp
Miracle Jones - Writing
Stephen Future - Art

Currently out of print. Check back in a month or two.
Copyright #2 - March 2006

"Situation Bingo" - 20pp
Miracle Jones - Writing
Stephen Future - Art

Includes a helpful synopsis of the currently out-of-print Copyright #1!

Copyright #3 - March 2007

"Trust, Say Jah" - 19pp
Miracle Jones - Story
Stephen Future - Art

"Adventures of a Roach" - 1pp
Stephen Future - Writing & Art

Available soon!

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